Carnelian's Eye- Earth Dress


To be one with the earth, a friend, a sister, a mother, a gracious lover. Joining through ceremonial experiences, the connection of kindred energies. The empowering fire driven warmth of carnelian stone pedals sprouting from the center ground of a tiger's eye stone for protection and courage. Welcome yourself to another chapter of life's sacred dimensions while draped in the Carnelian's Eye Earth Dress.

Materials/ Information Content:

-100% Handmade & Designed
Oil of Amber piece.

-100% vintage embroidered cotton lace

- Genuine Carnelian stone and tigers eye beads
placed at clavical center front, center breast bone,
and center low back beneath corset loops.

-Bone Bead attached to lower ends of wool yarn

-100% wool yarn decoration and corset lace up.

-100% cotton/ lace vintage trim

-Bell Sleeves

-Natural scalloped hem on sleeve hole circumference
and bottom dress circumference.

-Dry clean only.